About Me

I am a professional photographer hailing from Brighton, England now living in gorgeous Caledon, Canada. My insane need for independence and change is what brought me over here with nothing more than a few suitcases and my beloved camera. After a month of ‘chasing the dream’ in this foreign land i stumbled into my now husband, Giuliano at a house party in the middle of who know’s where. I truly believe in the notion of ‘when you know, you just know’ as after 6 months we wed. Crazy..maybe…but in love definitely. Now i spend my days photographing real estate photography and the rest of the time weddings, engagements, events and whatever else takes my fancy!

Unlike most modern day photographers i attended college for this field and i have trained with some of the top photographers in both the UK and Canada…and it is because of them i know what i know.

I would definitely say my style is more photojournalistic, i love to shoot what’s there, what’s happening, real emotions and expressions. Abandoned houses/hospitals are my thing….i love the decay, destruction, the absence and most of all dragging anyone i can find into these places and photographing them while they curse at me for bringing them to such a strange setting for a shoot. Now i have a new partner in crime Jen and we are trying our best to cover Ghost Towns in Ontario!

My rates are very reasonable and i work with ALL budgets!

I love shooting weddings especially those that are unique and especially love working with Brides and Grooms that want to have fun shoots!

I don’t do cheesy. The poses i will place you in will be classy, fun and original.

I will go above and beyond for you on your wedding day. I also find unique spots as a backdrop for your images.

I travel far and wide, i cover all of Ontario and will definitely travel further on request.

Personally, i love winter! Otherwise, why would i have moved to such a cold country. I am not afraid to go out and shoot in the chilly months, so winter weddings, family portraits, you name it!


What do i photograph?

Everything! Well almost. I have a passion for Real Estate Photography… i even have a separate blog for it www.realestatephotographer.wordpress.com

Weddings/Engagements/Trash the Dress



Real Estate

Headshots/Branding/Products/Flyer Design etc




416 727 1088 or for the locals 519 927 5804

I cover the GTA, Ontario and will travel further on request. My travel fees are extremely reasonable thanks to my beloved TDI Beetle, so family portrait in Goderich? no problem!




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