Finally An Update!

8 Apr

I was in Muskoka for 2 weeks and i absolutely love it! Here are some pics of my travels. I visited Parry Sound where i went to the docks and up to the look out hill. Unfortunately the look out tower was closed but the museum was open and only 2bucks to get in…it’s mainly about logging and ship wrecks but i managed to spend 2 hours in there! The next day i went on a little road trip firstly up to Seguin Falls which is a Ghost town ( a few people still live there seasonaly) it was nice but the long(ish) drive up wasn’t really worth it as a lot of the interesting places you can’t explore because they are people’s home. Next i went down to Rosseau Lake which is gorgeous!! Then on to Port Carling but it pissed it down! So no photo times. The my friend Jen ( took me around where she grew up so Bracebridge, Gravenhurst


One Response to “Finally An Update!”

  1. sensationalwv April 10, 2009 at 9:20 pm #

    Great pics, as usual!

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